Wet Cupping

The efficacy of wet-cupping in the treatment of tension and migraine headache.

Wet-cupping is an ancient medical technique still used in several contemporary societies, but little empirical study has been devoted to test its efficacy to treat tension and migraine headache. Using a pre-post research design, 70 patients with chronic tension or migraine headache were treated with wet-cupping. Three primary outcome measures were considered at the baseline and 3 months following treatment: headache severity, days of headache per month, and use of medication. Results suggest that, compared to the baseline, mean headache severity decreased by 66% following wet-cupping treatment. Treated patients also experienced the equivalent of 12.6 fewer days of headache per month. We conclude that wet-cupping leads to clinical relevant benefits for primary care patients with headache. Possible mechanisms of wet-cupping’s efficacy, as well as directions for future research are discussed.

Skin Reaction: Afterwards and Corresponding Organs.

Precaution: After wet-cupping, it is recommended not to get wet the area where you had wet-cupping therapy to protect from any second infection: sweat and/or water.

It is also recommended to have procedure while consuming herbal decoctions because it is possible to get tired and fatigue if you keep getting wet-cupping therapy from Sage Wellness Center; it is advised by Dr. Jin H. Kim Ph.D depending on your medical necessity.