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On September 6, 2013

Bio, International Journal  of Traditional and Herbal Medicine , Out Professor at Florida College of Integrative Medicine, and Shepherds Hope Volunteer : Dr. Jin H. Kim Ph.D at Sage Wellness Center – Acupuncture & Herbs


Dr. Kim, D.O.M. Ph.D in O.M. is proud of being a doctor of oriental medicine because it has been a part of his family for generations in South Korea. He received his Bachelor Degree from Texas A&M University – Kingsville, Texas. To earn his Master Degree in Oriental Medicine, he entered SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine, California, known as the one of the top and oldest Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in U.S. Also, he acheived his Ph.D in Oriental Medicine at American Liberty University, and he communicates and researches regularly with his professors who received doctorate in Oriental Medicine as well. He is one of the few more advanced and unique doctors in the field. If you have not found resolution or effective results from your health care provider, SAGE clinic is definitely the place to go! He’s a member of NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) and Member of FSOMA (Florida State Oriental Medical Association).

At Sage Wellness Center – Acupuncture & Herbs in Orlando, FL, we help you discover your own healing powers through acupunture treatments and herbal tea. Whether you are addressing a specific health concern or just want to boost yourself to the next level of wellness, we can help you find YOUR path to feeling great with Acupuncture & Herbs. For ten years as an Doctor of Oriental Medicine in Orlando, FL , our dedicated Holistic Doctor Jin H. Kim Ph.D in Oriental Medicine in Winter Park, FL have provided the highest quality herbs and acupuncture medical care for our Orlando community. People of all ages with an array of health conditions have benefited from our expert knowledge of natural medicine.

We are an acupuncture clinic of caring, knowledgeable and professional oriental medicine doctor offering a vast array of alternative treatment options for a transformative healing experience. As an acupuncture practice, our patients benefit from our confidential collaborative efforts in identifying patterns of imbalance, diagnosing illness and designing treatment plans. Since our physician have different areas of focus and specialty, we often refer patients to each other to ensure that the best care is given for every individual we see.

Our in-house medicinary of natural herbs has been carefully chosen by Dr. Kim to ensure each product has the best standards of production; the highest quality of ingredients; and offers optimal healing results. To assist in diagnosis, Sage Wellness Center – Acupuncture & Herbs at Winter Park, Florida also utilize an extensive array of alternative lab tests to identify the root cause of illness – a core tenet of oriental medicine.

Sage Wellness Center – Acupuncture & Herbs has grown and Dr. Kim now have acupuncture lectures as a Professor at Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando, Florida. We delight in bringing natural medicine to our Orlando community and we invite you to relax in our care within the urban oasis of our beautiful clinic spaces.

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