SAGE Herbal Decoction

Sage Wellness Center Herbal Medicine: The Real Decoctions

Oriental Herbal Medicine is most often used in conjunction with acupuncture. We will determine the best course of action for your herbal treatment during the same acupuncture evaluation visit. We will always discuss your Oriental Herbal Medicine treatment options with you in detail. Follow-up herbal medicine consultations are included in follow-up acupuncture appointments.

If you would like to pursue Herbal Medicine as a stand-alone treatment (without acupuncture), then at your initial consultation will include a comprehensive health history, including discussion of any other medications or supplements you are taking, and formulation of a treatment plan. We will discuss in detail what you should expect from the herbal medicine.

The duration of herbal medicine treatment varies greatly depending on the condition for which you are seeking relief: treatment for the common cold should take no more than a few days, while treatment for certain chronic women’s health issues or digestive issues may need 3-6 months of treatment to see complete resolution of symptoms. Follow-up herbal medicine visits are scheduled frequently at first (usually weekly), and then spaced out to only once per month once the ideal herbal regimen is established.

How to Treat at Sage Wellness Center – Acupuncture & Herbs in Orlando

1) History Intake: To know patients’ past to present health conditions to find out the root cause organs that cause patients current symptom.

2) Full Consultation: one on one history talking and overviewing with Dr. Kim D.O.M., Ph.D.

3) Acupuncture Insertion: The procedures of treatment & diagnosis. By inserting acupuncture needle one by one, Dr. Kim asks patients how their pain level decreases. This is the final step of diagnosing your condition.

4) Point Acupuncture Injection: To increase and maintain the effectiveness of your acupuncture treatment as needed.

5) Customized Herb Decoction: To maximize the effectiveness of acupuncture and injections as well as to maintain current good health condition and prevent future problems. Generally taken warm or hot as you would tea.

6) Follow-up: To check how patients react with the acupuncture, injection, and herbs. Dr. Kim’s hands on examination will be performed each follow up visits.

*Important Note*

Improving health progress is the opposite of drooping health. However, the treatment period will be shorter than the worst period of your condition. An acute condition is more of a short term treatment. A chronic condition takes longer to treat. Therefore, it will take a constant and longer treatment time if it’s chronic disease.