What is Acupuncture Treatment?

Acupuncture isn’t a new healing technique in the field of medicine. This traditional Chinese practice is known over 3, 000 years. The theory of acupuncture revolves around the concept that human body has different patterns of energy which are highly important for the health. These energy levels cast an important impact on the human body and any disruption in these energy levels is a cause of the disease.

How Does It Work?

According to the Chinese Acupuncture Theory, yin and yang are the two forces in the body and their balanced condition is called ‘Qi’ and it flows throughout the body. Any hurdle or blockage in the flow of these energies triggers ailment and lack of a body function. Acupuncture improves the natural self-healing process of the body by stimulating the specific anatomic points of the body. These points are also known as acupoints or acupuncture points which react in a different manner when needles are inserted in them. The points react differently on increasing or decreasing the pressure, temperature, and electrical stimulation. The experts of SAGE Acupuncture Orlando use different techniques for the treatment of the diseases including manual massage, cupping, heat therapy, and herbal treatment.

Modern science and medical treatments also assert the concept of acupuncture treatment and believe that it impacts on the nervous system and casts a positive impact on the immune system, digestive system, and cardiovascular system. A comprehensive and effective acupuncture treatment relieves pain, improves body pain, and strengthens the digestive system.

How Does Body React to Acupuncture Treatment?

The highly qualified physicians of SAGE Wellness Center never start the treatment abruptly, but they get to know the history of the patient and examine his or her tongue and pulse. The shape of the body, weight, and health conditions are necessary to consider and we always encourage the patients to cooperate with us and never hesitate to answer their random question, i.e. what is acupuncture? How does it work? Does it cause pain?

After the initial tests and examination, we lay down the patient comfortably on the table and we use only unique assessment tools which are recommended by the experts. The acupuncture areas are defined and needles are gently inserted in the acupoints. Our highly experienced acupuncturists insert needles in a way which causes minimal pain in the body and the needles retain in acupoints for 30 minutes.

How Many Treatments Sessions Do You Need?

The number of sessions varies from disease to disease. Some patients get immediate relief from the pain and they even don’t need further sessions while many others require two to three sessions in a week. Acute problems demand fewer visits and chronic diseases take a few months in getting cured. However, our physicians can let you know about the number of visits after checking your initial conditions.

Acupuncture treatment is highly recommended by the physicians due to the minimal pain and optimal results. SAGE Wellness Center hires only experienced and qualified acupuncturists who fully comprehend their responsibilities and never bear any negligence in the treatment.