Moxibustion Treatment

Moxibustion treatment is an ancient therapy which has immense benefits. Chinese Herbal Medicine experts believe that a disease that may not be treated with acupuncture can be treated with moxibustion. SAGE Wellness Center is a renowned name in acupuncture and moxibustion which offers the services of professional and authentic therapists. Moxibustion treatment is recommended to the patients who want immediate and long lasting treatment of chronic diseases. SAGE Experts advise the patients to not go for the drug treatment as moxibustion is an easy yet effective treatment to cure their sufferings.

What is Moxibustion Treatment?

In the moxibustion treatment, moxa is burnt to warm the acupoints where blood flow is disrupted. The treatment is about 2500 years old and professional therapists suggest the treatment to the patients. The advanced Western medicines believe that moxibustion is highly useful for increasing the blood circulation in the pelvic area. That’s why, our experts suggest moxibustion for the treatment of menstrual pain and cramps. Qi energy is conformed and it directs the blood circulation in a proper manner. Blocked blood in the vessels moves along the fluids present in the body and all body tissues get the proper supply of oxygen. The entire process boosts the healing process and helps the patient to get rid of the constant pain and sufferings.

Who Need Moxibustion Treatment?

The successful moxibustion treatment in SAGE Wellness Center is the proof the usefulness of this therapy. The basic use of moxibustion is to remove the cold stagnation and ensure the proper blood circulation in the body. Chinese Herbal Medicine recommends moxibustion treatment to the patients having chronic diseases. Low blood sugar level, fluid retention, low immunity, depression, oversensitivity to cold, and sluggish digestion are the diseases which are actually the indication of stagnations in the body. These ailments can easily be treated with the help of moxibustion and one should not forget to consider this treatment. It never required any artificial and harmful chemicals and there are no side effects when you take care of your wounds as per the therapist’s advice.

Benefits of Moxibustion Treatment

Moxibustion has various types and it’s highly beneficial for the treatment of fatigue, pregnancy problems, infertility, and the production of hemoglobin. The patients who have digestion problem can strengthen their digestive system and enjoy a healthy life again. Stress is a common problem of every other person due to the busy lifestyle and it triggers serious issues like heart diseases and high blood pressure. Moxibustion is an easy and effective way to treat these problems while the possible side effects of stress like poor appetite can easily be treated with the help of moxibustion.

SAGE Wellness Center offers comprehensive and trustworthy moxibustion treatment. The maximum positive results and the professional therapists are the reasons to choose SAGE Wellness Center. Our customer care service always welcome your queries and we never suggest a treatment until we have sure that I will bring improvement in your health.