Sage Wellness Center –Acupuncture & Herbs’ purpose is to improve the health and educate as many people as possible by providing the best that Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has to offer.

If you have never had a holistic treatment before, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by the experience. Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture may be different from what you are used to so we are happy to answer your general questions about Acupuncture at first visit.

Our protocol:
1. Initial visit:
Treat the symptoms that patient complains about. To see if it’s helping in the symptomatology point of view.
The results are totally depending on your medical history and conditions. Your symptoms could come back in few minutes or few months.
2. Follow up visit:
Depending in how much you have improved, we make a treatment plan and/or apply holistic approaches; full consultation is required if the initial symptomatology acupuncture treatment gave you only partial relief due to one’s chronic condition.

We Teach You, and We Offer You Tension Point Therapy (Manual Therapy) As Needed.

During your consultation we will:

  • Answer any questions that you have about Acupuncture and Oriental / Chinese Medicine
  • Discuss your symptoms and health concerns
  • Perform a Traditional Chinese Medicine health intake
  • Perform a Pulse and Tongue Examination
  • Make a preliminary Chinese Medicine Diagnosis
  • Outline an effective treatment strategy

If you have any health problems or symptoms that you would like to heal naturally then call Dr. Jin H Kim today at 407-539-3950 to set up your appointment.

*Free Consultation is Available for General Acupuncture Questions, but “NOT” for Your Specific Conditions*