Types of Cupping Therapy

SAGE Wellness Center offers different types of cupping therapies as the methods depends on the type of disease and its severity. Our certified therapists are highly experienced in the treatment of every cupping type while they also suggest the combination of herbal, acupuncture, and cupping therapies to fasten the recovery speed and improve the chances of healing. Here are the some common cupping therapies offered by our experts.

  1. Weak Cupping

Weak cupping is also known as tonifying and fire is used in this method to produce less intense suction. Tonifying can be used for any age group and it removes stagnation to improve the progress of weak Qi. Weak cupping is helpful in improving the stress conditions and stomach problems while the stroke and neurological conditions can be improved with the help of tonifying.

  1. Medium Cupping

Medium cupping is firmer than the weak cupping and it’s safe for the children over 7 years and adults. Glass cups are used in medium cupping and it’s used for the treatment of stress related conditions, headaches, muscular pains, and children ailment. Medium cupping is required for the improvement of the basic constitution of the body and assists a person to improve the overall physical fitness.

  1. Strong Cupping

Strong suction is used for the treatment toxins and imbalanced blood flow. Small cuts are given on the skin and a considerable amount of blood in drawn out of the body. It improves the blood circulation and the method is recommended to the patients suffering swollen joints and frozen shoulder syndrome. Strong cupping is only for the adults as firmer suction is used in the process and it often leaves red marks and circles on the skin.

  1. Moving Cupping

Moving cupping is actually strong cupping applied on the larger body area. Cups are placed on the skin and move from one place to another. Creams or oil are used as lubricant and cup is placed on tightly in the skin to generate suction. Heat conditions, acne, inflammation, and lesions are cured with the help of moving cupping treatment.

  1. Needle Cupping

In needle cupping, a needle is placed inside the cup and the vacuum suction is produced with the help of vacuum pump. Acupuncturists treat the patients who require needle cupping. Red knee and painful elbow joints are treated with the help of needle cupping. It removes pain and pathogenic heat simultaneously.

  1. Hot Needle Cupping

Hot needles cupping is also known as Moxa cupping. Moxa is a herb with various benefits and available in cigar-shape. The treatment of flu, cold, back pain, and stomach pains are reduced with needle acupuncture cupping treatment. The difficulty in pregnancy and other sexual complaints are solved with hot needle cupping.

Empty cupping, full cupping, herbal cupping, and water cupping are some types of cupping treatments which you can get from SAGE Wellness Center. The process of each cupping method varies from type to type and the results are dependent of the severity of the disease and frequency of cupping sessions.