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It is recommended to have the Full questionnaires (PDF) when you visit the office for customized acupuncture points and herbs if Dr. Kim advises.

English Online Questionnaires

Korean Online Questionnaires

Online Questionnaires are short versions for smart phone users.

Links related to acupuncture treatment

The following external links range from news stories to online journals and details of research evidence which supports acupuncture treatment. If you want to find detailed information about the acupuncture treatment of a particular condition, or you simply want to find further detailed information about acupuncture in general, the following links should enable you to do this.

Online acupuncture journals: International Journal of Traditional and Herbal Medicine by Dr. Kim

Acupuncture Today.com is an American journal of acupuncture. It contains the full text of many informative articles on the acupuncture treatment of a wide range of conditions. Use the Search box on the home page to search for the articles that might interest you. I highly recommend this site.

European journal of oriental medicine. This journal contains a wide range of articles about acupuncture treatments. You can search the back issues for articles that interest you. Simply type a keyword into the search box on the home page. Some of the articles can be read online, while to read the full text of the other articles, you would need to purchase a back issue.

Chinese Medicine Times. This is an online ‘ejournal’. The full text of all articles are published on the site, and back issues can also be read. There are a wide range of articles covering every aspect of Chinese Medicine acupuncture. The journal is intended to be read by practitioners and students, since to fully understand the articles, you would need to be familiar with Chinese Medicine concepts and terms. However, there is much content that general readers may find of interest.

Online Chinese Medicine texts

Institute for Traditional Medicine: 5 Organ Networks of Chinese Medicine. This link contains a detailed insight into the principles behind Chinese Medicine. I would not expect most readers to be able to fully understand the complete text, but it will give you an insight into the power, complexity, and beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine. To begin, I recommend browsing the pages and reading snippets here and there, to get a flavour of what there is in the text. I have to say that in places, I don’t think the text is clearly written, and some of the concepts are difficult to grasp, no matter how clearly they had been written, but I do think it would be worthwhile for anyone interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine to dip into the pages and gain what you can from them. The text is organised into five sections, each dealing with one of the major organs and its actions:
Heart / Lung / Spleen (digestion in general) / Liver / Kidney

Some BBC news stories and articles on acupuncture

Acupuncture, The Evidence
Acupuncture works for back pain
Acupuncture- Basic introduction
Acupuncture – basic guide to what it is
Treatment to help you give up smoking
Treatment of migraine
Acupuncture offered to sick pets
Stressed pupils given acupuncture
Acupuncture beats pupils’ stress
Acupuncture for poodles and horses
Queen fascinated by acupuncture
Introduction to complementary medicine
Acupuncture used for dental pain
Complementary medicine on NHS
Ear acupuncture for stress, as used by Cherie Blare 
Acupuncture used by professional athletes

Research findings on acupuncture

Research Documents This page lists a set of Briefing Papers which review the evidence of effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of specific conditions. These papers, in Adobe Acrobat format, are available for download.

Health-related sites of general interest

What Doctors don’t tell you A magazine that gives an alternative view of many of the wild claims and bogus treatments that Western medicine consists of.