Wet Cupping

Wet cupping is an ancient treatment which is used for the treatment of a migraine and headache. According to the SAGE therapists, migraine is a severe condition of a headache which is difficult to cure with medicines and they use wet-cupping method along medication to get immediate and long-lasting results. The severity of the pain decreases up to 66% and patient feels relaxed even after the first therapy. From the reviews of the patient, it’s not difficult to see the maximum positive feedback of the patients and the clinical benefits of wet cupping method.

What Does Wet-Cupping Therapy Do?

In wet cupping, mild suction is produced and a glass is placed on the skin for three minutes. The therapists make small cuts after removing the cups. These light and tiny cuts don’t let excess bleeding and the person feels some swelling due to the cuts. The wounds are covered soon after the treatment to prevent any infection and bacterial activity. Wet cupping removes the blockages of blood in the body and improves the blood circulation. It stimulates tissues relaxations and enhances the cell-to-cell communication. The inflation present in the body is removed as the blood eliminates cytokines which is a chemical messenger circulates among body cells.

Benefits of Wet-Cupping Therapy

Healthy energy is improved with the help of wet-cupping therapy and the overall health boosts when the blockages of blood flow remove from the body. It increases blood circulation and body cells can nourish due to the adequate supply of oxygen. Sufficient supply of oxygen in the body relaxes the tissues and acts as an antioxidant. The removal of antioxidant eliminates the symptoms of aging and muscles tension. Apart from a migraine and headaches, wet-cupping is highly beneficial for the treatment of respiratory diseases like a cough, bronchitis, bronchial cough, and asthma. There are some traditional treatments which can be cured with wet-cupping therapy, i.e. paralysis, digestive pain, back pain, depression, acne, infertility, arthritis, and anemia.

Improved skin conditions and relief from the digestive disorder are the two valuable benefits of wet-cupping therapy. We suggest wet-cupping with essential oils for anti-aging effects like freckles and wrinkles. The dream of relaxed tensed muscles and younger look become possible due to the wet-cupping therapy. Indeed, it’s a great alternative to knives and lasers.


  • Never wet the area where therapists have performed the therapy.
  • Dampness and wetness can cause infection or inflammation.
  • Never intact the wounds to dust and pollute the environment.
  • Keep the bandage over the wounds to keep it clean.
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions to fasten the healing process.  

Reasons to Hire SAGE Wellness Center

SAGE Wellness Center offers the services of certified therapists who always follow the best type of treatment which is highly beneficial for the treatment of various diseases. Only well trained and professional acupuncturists can join our team of therapists while the center is fully equipped with the advanced equipment. We always prescribe the best treatment to the patients as their satisfaction and health is our first and foremost priority.