Korean / Chinese Herbal Medicine

Oriental herbal medicine has great importance in the field of medicine due to the countless benefits. The herbal treatment is more effective and plays an important role in balancing the energy levels in the body. Ancient Chinese herbal treatment theory believes that half of the body organs are governed by Yin energy force and half by Yang. Likewise, there are five important elements of the Chinese herbal medicine which include, water, fire, earth, metal, and wood. These elements significantly impact the body. Sweat, salty, sour, bitter, and pungent are the tastes which our tongue can taste and as the skin is the skin is governed by the Yang force and it’s a metal element, so a pungent herb is required for the treatment.

Korean / Chinese Herbs Used by Sage Wellness Center

Chinese herbs are used in various forms like flowers, twigs. Bark, and leaves. Sage Wellness Center provides highly effective and formulated herbs which are boiled or re-stained under the supervision of the experts to give it the right form the patient requires. Chinese herbal medicines are plant-based and come in the form of lotions, powders, pasts, and tablets. We always follow the high standards to extracts liquids and make easy to use tea pills for our patients. Special care is taken in the extraction of the liquids as these extracts are made by combining the herbs and boiling them with the ingredients suspended in alcohol. SAGE Experts prepare granules by making powder from the formula prepared and make a starch to form granules. Afterward, the starch is used in the preparation of the capsules and they are very beneficial when you take it with warm water.

Which Disease Can be Cured by Korean /Chinese Herbal Medicines?  

Oriental herbal medicines help the patient in the reduction of physical pain and boost the immune system to enhance your emotional strengths and decision powers. Following are conditions in which Chinese medicines are highly recommended and play a vital role in the treatment of the patient:

  • It shows positive results in the treatment of the skin diseases like psoriasis, acne, urticaria, and psoriasis.
  • Mild to severe gynecological problems can easily be solved and these issues include pre-menstrual syndrome, endometrioses, infertility, and dymenorrhoea.
  • Hepatitis and HIV are curable with Chinese medicine while the respiratory issues like asthma, chronic cough, bronchitis, and sinusitis can be solved with the help of Chinese herbal medicine.
  • The systems and suffering of urinary infections and psychological problems can be decreased.

Who Can Get Benefit from Korean / Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Oriental medicines are prepared with natural ingredients and their use is safe for all age groups. However, our practitioners take special care when it comes to the prescription for the children and pregnant women. The right amount of dosage is given which is safe for the patient and never poses any threat to the health.

The herbal medicine is an ancient treatment and absolutely safe for everyone. Unlike the allopathic medicines,  the natural treatment never releases free radicals or have any side effects.