Forms of Herbal Decoction

SAGE Wellness Center is a reliable and trustworthy name in herbal medicine and it prepares different forms of herbal decoction. We provide easy to use and effective herbal decoction to save the times and efforts of customers. It’s a fact that every customer is not experienced combination and grinding herbs in the right proportion and finds it difficult to give it the right forms. Twigs, flowers, bark, leaves, and seeds are a grind to give them a powdered form or these ingredients are boiled together to make a tea form.

Why Choose SAGE Herbal Decoction?

  • High-Quality Herbs with Right Combination.
  • Free from Mold and Insects.
  • Best Formulation and Under the Supervision of Herbalists.
  • No side effects and Pure Ingredients.
  • No Nutrients Loss during Preparation.
  • No Odor and Pungent Smell due the Manufacturing Process.

Different Forms of Decoction in SAGE Wellness Center

SAGE Wellness Center offers different forms of a decoction which are prepared from raw herbs and converted into pills, liquids, and granules. For the ease of the customers, the pills are boiled with water or other liquids to make small balls from it while sometimes these herbs are suspended in alcohol. The small ball form is known as the most effective and convenient form of decoction as they are easy to take and have no storage risk.

Granules are prepared with water or some other liquids. Capsules are filled with the powdered granules. However, our experts prefer to give granule form to the herbs which are taken with warm water. The medicines of nausea, dizziness, and vomiting come in the form of granules and they are easy to keep everywhere and also easy to take.

SAGE Wellness Center follows the standards of Oriental Patent Herbal Medicine. The bills are grinded to give a powdered and then bind to give them pills form. The size of pills is dependent on the suggested dosage of the patient prescribed by the doctors. Temperature is another important factor in the preparation of decoction as the difference in temperature can change the form of the herbs and every degree matters in the preparation of decoction. 

A decoction is used for a chronic ailment and it’s known as an inexpensive medicine with no or minimum side effects. However, the right form of decoction is necessary to consider if you want to get maximum benefit from it. The right is not only important for the digestion of the medicine but it also determines the treatment time.

Special Forms of Herbal Decoction

Apart from the pills and powdered form of decoction, SAGE Wellness Center prepares dried decoctions which are similar to granules. Specially dried extracts are made with the help of additional solvents and a large proportion of sticky materials. The combination of tincture and other alcohol extracts is another formula of decoction and it’s known as a complex formula of decoction.

SAGE Wellness Center always prefer quality over quantity and our experts follow the complete procedure of the treatment before prescribing a form of decoction.