Herbal Decoction

A decoction is the simmered tea which is extracted from hard roots, leaves, berries, and seeds. Herbs are boiled in water or liquids to extract the vitamins and minerals present in them. When the softer parts of plants are used for decoction method, it’s called infusions and more time is required to coax vitamins and minerals. Sage Wellness Center offers high quality and pure herbal decoction and infusions which are prepared under the supervision of the expert physicians. These decoctions are given to the patients along with acupuncture to give optimal results. Like acupuncture treatment, the duration of herbal decoction depends on the severity of the disease and the medical condition of a patient.

Benefits of Herbal Decoction

The benefits of herbal decoction are more than the usual vitamin pills. Natural tea provides the right amount of vitamins and minerals to the body and these nutrients soothe the body as well. SAGE Wellness Center offers various kinds of teas which come in different forms and the benefits vary from one to another. Here are the amazing benefits of herbal decoction offered by SAGE Wellness Center.

  • Abdominal gas and bloating problem can be resolved with the help of peppermint tea and it also plays an important part in relieving the muscle spasms. During a winter season, you can keep your body warm by drinking peppermint tea and eliminate the symptoms of nausea.
  • Ginger tea is the best solution of upset stomach and it helps the people who suffer motion sickness during travel. The tea stops vomiting and has a great germ-fighting capacity. SAGE Wellness Center offers ginger decoction in both powdered and fresh forms.
  • Chamomile decoction tea is made of flowers and highly recommended by the experts to the people who have digestion problem. It shows positive results in insomnia and improves the digestion system. A cough and bronchitis can be cured with chamomile decoction while the gargles are helpful in for the inflammation of the mouth.
  • Rooibos decoction is rich in vitamin C and other minerals. It has countless health benefits due to the antioxidant properties. Rooibos decoction is capable of removing free radicals present in the body and the property makes it beneficial for anti-aging symptoms. The skin issues like eczema can freckle can be solved with rooibos decoction.
  • Lemon balm decoction improves sleep and nourishes the mind which removes nightmares. SAGE Wellness Center experts suggest the patients drink a cup of lemon balm at night and enjoy an undisturbed sleep.

How Do We Suggest Herbal Decoction in SAGE Wellness Center?

The process starts with the history intake of the patient and full consultation is provided by our expert physicians. SAGE Wellness Center offers pure and high-quality herbs which are prepared under the supervision of our experts and customized according to the needs of the patient. Guaranteed benefit and no side effect are the exceptional features of SAGE herbal decoction and we assure you will not feel better after using it, but the best.