How Does Moxibustion Work?

Moxibustion is an ancient Chinese treatment with immense benefits and successful outcomes. Moxz sticks are used to warm the acupoints and sometimes needles are placed inside the cups to increase the blood circulation and remove stagnation. Indirect moxibustion, direct moxibustion, and moxibustion with needles are the three types of moxibustion which varies in process and benefits. SAGE Wellness Center offers remarkable moxibustion services by the professional therapists who are certified and well known in their field.

Working Process of Moxibustion

Hot cups, heat jars, hot tubes, and warming creams are the essential parts of moxibustion process. Therapists place hot cup on the body and suction is provided by directly burning the moxa wool. In direct method, direct heat is provided to the skin while in indirect method moxa needle doesn’t touch the skin. Needles are placed inside the cup in needle moxibustion therapy. The purpose of moxibustion is to eliminate stagnation in the blood and improve the communication of the blood in the body. A number diseases can be cured with the help of moxibustion including, fluid retention, low immunity, joint pain, depression, pregnancy issues, and sluggish digestion.

The other benefits of moxibustion include the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, irritable bowel diseases, ulcerative colitis, cardiovascular diseases, stress, inflammatory disorder, diarrhea, immune system flow, and respiratory disorder. Moreover, disruption is the normal circulatory flow can easily be treated with the help of moxibustion treatment.

Moxibustion and Modern Science  

Modern science supports the theory of moxibustion and if we want to give a simple answer of the question that how does the modern science see the moxibustion then we get to know that meridians are like optical fibers which transmit infrared radiation. The outcomes of an experiment conducted in Fudan University shows that a high transparency is measured at the axis of the collagenous  fiber in Gallbladder meridian. The stomach transparency is found 62% at the wavelength of 9-20 macrons. The noted difference was about 240 times between the lights among the two vertical axis of the meridians. When the heated area of the moxibustion cools down, it shows the similar outcomes which you get form the acupuncture. It’s through qi not the direct incoherent heat comes out from the burning process. Moxibustion at acupoints qi hai (Ren 6) and tian shu (ST 25) inhibited the expression of IL-1 (beta) and IL-a6m RNA in experiments on rats with ulcerative colitis.

The other experiments include the impacts of moxibustion on arthritic rats which showed positive results in lightening up inflammation and removed swelling and redness. Analgesia, rental functions, colitis, ulcers, gene expressions, and neurons are the diseases which were cure on mice with the help of moxibustion.

SAGE Wellness Center provides the complete details of moxibustion along the scientific proofs for the satisfaction of its customers. Our expert therapists never tolerate any kind of negligence in the treatment and make sure that the patient gets professional and first-class treatment. You can personally visit our center and discuss your health problem with the acupuncturists.