Chinese Cupping Treatment

Chinese cupping treatment is an excellent alternative of medicines which is very popular in traditional people due to its vast benefits. The therapists put some cups on the patient’s skin and create suction to eliminate diseases from the body. The methods is centuries old and rooted in Chinese and Egyptian culture. The treatment is sued for the treatment of various minor and major issues like blood pressure, inflammation, pain, and relaxation. Therapists choose different types of cups depend on the type of disease and usually these cups made of glass, bamboo, silicon, and earthenware.

Types of Chinese Cupping Treatment  

Dry and wet are the two types of cupping treatment. Therapists place an inflammable substance in the cup and set it on the fire which creates suction. SAGE Wellness Experts rise the skin causes reddened as the blood vessels expands during the suction. Alcohol, paper, and different herbs are the used as inflammable materials. However, some therapists prefer rubber pump and move cups from one place to another and it acts like a massage.

Wet Cupping: Generally, dry cupping creates hard suction and wet cupping creates mild suction. After creating suction in wet cupping, the cup stays there for three minutes and then the therapists use small scalpel to give minor cuts on the body and draw out a small amount of blood. 5-7 cups are placed on the body is a session while you need 3-5 sessions in chronic diseases. The benefits of wet cupping include the removal of toxins and harmful substances.

Needle Cupping: Needles cupping involves the insertion of needles and therapists insert needles first and then place cups over it. The suction automatically removes blood from the skin and therapists later apply bandages over the wounds to increase healing process.

Benefits of Cupping Treatment

The benefits of cupping treatment aren’t limited and here are some of the top benefits of cupping treatment.

Pain Relief: The therapists of SAGE Wellness Center suggest cupping method for the treatment of pain and it shows better results in relieving cancer pain than the anti-cancer drugs. Our experts choose soft tissues on the areas of the swelling and apply pressure over it. The blood flow increases in the area and the supply of the oxygen increases that relaxes the tensed muscles and draws out the pain from the muscles.

Eliminate Cough and Allergy Symptoms: SAGE Therapists suggest cupping treatment for the elimination of cough and allergy. The accumulation of phlegm in the liver triggers cough and the cupping treatment plays an important role in relieving the cold symptoms.

Muscles Relaxation: SAGE Wellness Center offers great environment to relive the muscles tension. The cupping method helps to remove health conditions, depression, and anxiety. In muscle relaxation treatment, the cups are placed on the skin for 20 minutes and they impact on the central nervous system.

Detoxifying, inflammation healing, improve skin conditions, migraine, relieving digestive disorder, anti-aging, and the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome are some other diseases which are successfully cured with the help of cupping method.