Cupping Method

Cupping method is the traditional Chinese medicine used for increasing the flow of qi which governs the half body organs and known as a vital factor of energy circulation system. The disruption in the flow of energy is called stagnation or blockages in the body. SAGE Wellness Center has highly experienced therapists who have earned a name in the field and always opt for the right cupping method to give the best results.

Type of Cups Used in SAGE Wellness Center

The cups used in cupping treatment are also known as jars. SAGE Wellness Center experts use the following three types of jars:

Bamboo Jars: The bamboos are cut down in 3-7cmm and 8-10 diameter in length and diameter respectively. One end is used as the opening and other is as a bottom. It’s easy to made cups and economical too. SAGE therapists use these cups in mild cupping where less suction is required.

Glass Cups: Glass cups are transparent and the moxibustion can easily be seen to control the treatment. Glass cups are used in hard cupping where cups are placed on the skin for longer time. These cups are affordable but expensive than bamboo jars.

Biomagnetic Cupping Set: These cups are similar to the traditional cups, but no fire is used in them. The therapists can see the progress of the cupping inside the cups and determine the duration of the process. The hand pump is used for creating suction inside the pump and the pressure is dependent on the conditions of the client.

What is Cupping Massage?

SAGE Wellness Center offers therapeutic cupping treatment which affects like massage and usually glass cups are used in the entire process. Our experts create suction by warming the air and a vacuum is created. The tissues are drawn up into the cups and blood flow increases which boosts the supply of the oxygen in the muscles. SAGE therapists believe that the loosen fascia and fasten blood pressure increase the wound healing and removes the symptoms of tiredness. The method is helpful to reduce pain and the cups are placed on the shoulders, neck, back, and legs.

No need to worry about the bruises after cupping as these bruises are temporary and remove within a few days. In hard cupping, the bruises are severe as the internal stagnation is higher while in the mild soreness is observed in mild cupping. The treatment is highly recommended of the removal of toxins which trigger serious issues in the body.

What Conditions Does Cupping Treat?

Cupping treatment grabbed the attention of the modern world when various athletes in the Rio Olympics 2016. A number of swimmers were seen with red circles on their body and it was the testimony of the importance of cupping treatment for athletes. Cupping increases the blood circulation and it helps them to stay fit.

SAGE Wellness Center is an authentic and certified cupping center which offers all kinds of cupping methods and helps the people to live a better and healthy life. Visit us today and step forward towards a pain-free life.